Newborn prep guide

  • please bring your baby’s essentials to the session. Diapers,wipes,a blanket and a burp cloth
  • put your baby in easy to remove clothes with buttons or zippers. Avoid restrictive clothing like tight socks and pants 
  • bring a pacifier with you if your baby uses one. This helps to soothe and relax the baby
  • if you are bottle feeding, bring extra feedings. Babies eat way more than usual during their session so don’t be alarmed
  • try to keep your baby up an hour or so prior to the session. Try giving a bath, talking and playing with them.
  • dress in neutral solid colors for the rest of the family. Please bring one extra change of clothing in case of accidents.
  • bring entertainment for the siblings. Or if one of the parents can take them back home after the family shots, it makes the session easier.
  • bring snacks. The session may take up to 2 hours
  • if you are nursing, please avoid caffeine, acidic and spicy foods, citrus drinks and gassy vegetables for an entire day leading up to your session.

1st Birthday/ milestone prep guide

  • most importantly pick a time that works for baby. Avoid scheduling a session before nap time or close to meal time.
  • bring one outfit for portrait photos and another for cake smash (please ask to use an outfit from the client closet at no extra charge)
  • Bring a favorite snack Incase the child is not interested in the cake. We can stick a few berries, puffs etc. into the cake to get them going.
  • come in with a positive attitude. Sometimes the child doesn’t want to participate as much as we want them to.
  • I will supply drinking water and wipes. There is also a bathroom nearby if you would like to do additional clean up before you leave the session.

Senior prep guide

Come with a positive attitude. I will guide you in posing so there is no reason to stress about not knowing what to do. We can also play some music if that helps you to relax.

What to Wear

  • Clean shoes that go with each outfit
  • Outfits that make sense for the season
  • Functional clothing - if you want to get the most out of your poses, you need to be able to sit, squat, etc.
  • A variety of outfits that show off your true personality
  • Clothing that fits you well and accentuates your best assets

What NOT to Wear

  • Wrinkled clothing
  • Dirty shoes
  • Dresses, skirts or shorts that reveal too much when moving/posing
  • Tight outfits that accentuate problem areas
  • Too many outfits of the same type or color

The best way to bring personality to your session is by using PROPS! Some examples are: musical instrument, medals, T-shirt from a college you plan to attend, artwork, sports equipment, jersey.

Family prep guide

  • shooting at sunset or sunrise provides that gorgeous light. Sunset tends to get late for some families In the summer so plan to have your child nap later in the day. I love shooting at new locations, so if you have any you prefer, let me know.
  • please use the restroom just before you leave your home. Depending on the location, there might not be one easily accessible.
  • wear what you are most comfortable in. Solid colored clothing is recommended. Avoid busy patterns and wordings on your clothing.
  • I will determine if the weather is bad enough to reschedule. Weather can change quite fast, even hours just before your session. I typically wait until the day of your session to reschedule for bad weather reasons.
  • try to arrive at least 10 mins earlier to your session. This will allow you plenty of time to find parking. In case you are running a few minutes late, just let me know and don’t stress, otherwise this will show in your portraits.
  • if any of your family members wear glasses, I will take my time to try and avoid as much glare on them as possible while posing them. If you wear contact lenses sometimes, think about wearing them for the session.
  • try to have a relaxing day prior to your session so the kids aren’t too tired during the session. Avoid walks in the sun, playground and other tiring activities
  • make sure all your nails are cut and clean. Bring with you a brush and hair clips in case you need to fix someone’s hair at the location, or if it’s windy.